Login Help

User Name: Input user name. User name is not case-sensitive i.e., lowercase or uppercase characters are acceptable. Maximum user name length is 10 characters.
Password: Enter password. Password is case-sensitive and the field is protected, so the password is not viewable by others.
Company Number: Enter the company number for the data you want to view. If the company number field is left blank, the default company number for your profile is used.
Login: Press this button (or the <enter> key) to sign on.
Error Messages
Password Does Not Match: The password entered does not match the password stored for the User Name.
User Name Does Not Exist: No profile exists for the User Name entered.
No Company Number on File: The company number entered does not exist, or if the field was blank, no default company number was set for the user.
User is disabled. Please see administrator to be enabled: User entered the wrong password three times while attempting to sign on and the user's profile was disabled. Contact the administrator to have the profile enabled.